I have spent six summers filming in SE Alaska, but this summer started off different with a one week shoot filming MOOSE for National Geographic Television in Anchorage.  Moose are incredibly powerful animals and I spent the week tracking them throughout this urban jungle.  This time of year moose have calves and they must learn to navigate neighborhoods and highways to survive.  Below are a few pics from the shoot but stay posted for showtimes and more urban wildlife!

Mother and Calf

Filming a mother and calf

Meta Moose?


Black Bears

Black Bears in a Backyard

Slider in Anchorage

Slider over some ducks

Sleeping Calves

Calves Sleeping in a Backyard

Nursing in a Backyard?


Recess for the Moose

Moose Recess?

Slider in the Sewer

Getting dirty!

Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun in Anchorage

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