We just returned from an unforgettable trip to Knysna, South Africa. It was our first time venturing to Africa and one thing is for sure – we can’t wait to go back! Our trip began in Cape Town where we were able to take in the beautiful ocean views and capture the beauty of the surrounding vineyards.

The highlight of the trip was our time spent at Head Over Hills Luxury Resort in Knysna, South Africa. Over the span of ten days, we are pretty confident we were able to capture on film every inch of the resort and the ever-changing view that took our breath away every day. We loved getting to know the friendly staff at Head Over Hills and our hosts, the Hanson family. We hope that our pictures and videos help share the beauty of this place with people around the world, but trust us, there’s nothing like seeing it in person!

The last part of our trip took us to a Game Reserve where we got the full safari experience. Lions, elephants and rhinos…oh my! The majestic beauty of these animals roaming freely was thrilling, albeit a bit scary when a rhino ventured only inches away from us.


Stay tuned for the finished videos in the next weeks!


HOH_PIONEER-5322Aerial view of Head Over Hills, situated on the jagged edge of the famous rocky cliffs of the Knysna Heads, with a view of the lagoon in the distance.


HOH_PIONEER_4508Breathtaking sunset as seen on a screen grab from a time-lapse, as you can imagine we were pretty glad we left the camera rolling that evening!



golfMartin showcasing the beautiful Pezula golf course in Knysna, and the swing that confirms why he was a pro!



HOH_PIONEER-4105It’s a pretty safe bet to say that this is the best seat in the house!



grapesBen capturing the grapes that produce the world-renowned wines of Cape Town’s Stellenbosch vineyards.


katinaKatina snapping some pictures of Head Over Hills from the lookout point, about as close to the cliff as you want to get!



HOH_PIONEER-8472Elephant posing for us while on Safari in South Africa, showcasing its majestic trunk.


ben and lionsOn our first evening at the Game Reserve, we were lucky to meet a lion and his two cubs, check out the footage captured on the viewfinder.


A closer image of the lion, staring us down and making it clear who the boss is around there.


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