Hike to the Harbor Shelter

Last night I spent the night with some friends on Harbor Mountain.  It is only a small hike from town but the view is unbelievable.  We struck gold with not only an amazing sunset but stars and Auroras!  Sitka is an amazing place, and here as some reasons why!  

Big Bear Country – Preview

I just spent 6 days crossing West Chichagof Island in southeast Alaska by foot and packraft.  This island boasts one of the most densely populated bear habitats on the planet, we saw over 40 on the trip.  I am going through all of the footage and photos now and will continue to post them this week.  Here […]

Sitka Sound

Last night I had the chance to go out with Paul of Gallant Girl Adventures (http://www.gallantadventures.com/) on a tour of Sitka Sound.  We had a great time, video to come, and here are a few shots of sunset on our return voyage!


Eagles were out in Sitka last night as the sun set in the harbor.  This one poor guy tried 3 or 4 times to get a fish – (great for me) – but went home empty handed.  

Indian River Hike

Yesterday I headed out with Adam Andis to hike up to the Indian River Falls.  I have photographed the falls before a few times but this time I was looking to get on top of the waterfall and shoot down it.  Since I landed in Alaska last week it has rained every day and has consistently been […]

New Business Cards!

I was recently introduced to Moo.com and decided to order my next round of business cards through them.  They offer creative card services including 50 unique card backs, rounded edges, and mini cards.  This is such a great idea for photographers like myself who want to share my work and imagery in a professional way.  Unique photo backs also offer clients the option to choose their favorite photos and remember you!  You can order them on their premium stock paper or recycled like these (still very nice quality – very sturdy compared to normal cards).  Check them out and ask me for your favorite next time I see you!   http://us.moo.com

Going Home

Going Home is a short film about Chuck and Alice Johnstone’s return to the wilderness area they spent their lives fighting to protect. Both now in their late 80s, the couple has dreamed of a return journey and this summer the Sitka Conservation Society made that dream a reality. It was a touching experience to […]

Living Wilderness Fund

Over the past four months I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with the Sitka Conservation Society on a number of incredible projects. Wilderness protection and advocacy is one of SCS’s founding values and this is a video we produced to help promote their endowment fund. It was a blast to make and I […]

Last Alaska Trip

This past weekend Scott Harris and I journey out to an area called Redoubt and I was able to capture some nice photos.  That morning was the first fall snow on the peaks around Sitka and it was really beautiful.  The temperature dropped a bit but once we got hiking around we were fine. Although it was […]