for non-profits, public lands, TV, and scientific institutions


We bring critical conservation stories from the field to the screen.

Pioneer Studios was founded in 2007 by director and cinematographer Ben Hamilton with the dream of empowering conservationist with the storytelling tools needed to mobilize audiences and save the planet. Over a decade later, Pioneer Studios has  had the privilege of traveling to more than 36 countries around the globe on this mission, and has worked on urgent conservation stories including ocean plastics, endangered species, pioneering resource management, climate change, fires, seafood bycatch and more.  

As an award winning production company, Pioneer Studios works with organizations large and small in their efforts to communicate critical conservation messages to audiences around the globe.  Our small team was brought together working on natural history films for BBC, Smithsonian, and National Geographic, but our passion and dedication to conservation work ensure that every project is driven by passion and the urgency to deliver results. No video is too big or small for us to tackle and we work from concept through distribution to ensure your video achieves the impact you want.